Hello, my name is Chris Evans, not to be confused with the actor, but you can call me Captain America if you like. My wife and I were born and raised in Northeast Texas but loved the beach so much that we decided to live there for a while. We lived in Panama City Beach, Florida for about three years where I enjoy scuba diving whenever possible. After that, we relocated back to Texas and now reside in Paris, TX.

I have both a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in business administration. I am an Enrolled Agent, NTPI Fellow, and Certified Tax Coach. Now, with all those credentials listed you may ask yourself what does all of that even mean?

The important thing to know is that I have the education and experience to assist you in paying less taxes while reaching your business and personal financial goals. I specialize in individual and small business income tax, focusing on tax planning before returns are filed.

In 2006 I founded Tax Solutions, Inc. (dba Tax Plan Now) to help those individuals who were having trouble with IRS debt and compliance. The focus was on resolving debt issues, but I soon began to realize that these individuals and business entities needed more help than just getting out of current IRS debt. That was only one step. How could they continue running their business and remain in compliance with the IRS? This required tax planning.

Poor tax planning, and sometimes no tax planning at all, was a common thread. They were having to pay tax that many times they could have legally avoided. This inspired me to help clients reduce taxes before the IRS came knocking at their door. This is the reason I became a Certified Tax Coach (CTC) in June of 2018. As a CTC, together we focus on proactive tax planning to improve your situation and reduce tax.

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Chris Evans

Founder of TAX PLAN NOW

"I've helped hundreds of clients to legally reduce the taxes they owe. I would love a chance to help you as well."
- Chris Evans